Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008

Today was the NWCC 10 mile Time Trial out in Hockley. I woke up at five 0'clock this morning to acclimate myself for the time difference of seven hours to Belgium. After surfing the web for and hour or so I decided that it was time to start getting ready. I left at 6:30 with my dad, but about half way there I realised that I forgot my trainer. After a quick dash home we finally arrived at the Hockley Community Center. After a good warm-up I followed my dad to the start line. My time for the TT ended up being a 21:49 with average watts of 339, which showed that I had pretty good fitness, good news as I am leaving tomorrow for Belgium. I did a quick spin with my dad before heading home to go to church. My plans for the rest of the day include packing, partying, and packing! Hopefully I will be able stay awake for it all! I've added a screen shot of the file to this post. Click on the file to enlarge it.


Graeme said...

Nice numbas!

BTW, how much do you weigh any way?

Lawson C said...

I weighed myself this morning and it was 139.2 lbs.

Lawson C said...

Btw thanks! and awesome job at Master Nationals!