Friday, June 12, 2009

Trofeo Karlsberg Stage 2

Here's a translated summary of yesterdays stage -
Mark Barry is the first winner in the 22nd Trofeo Karlsberg. The price of the waterworks Bliestal he sprinted after 2:26,06 hours the finish line in Wittersheim the yellow jersey of the Karlsberg brewery. Five kilometers before the end had a group of five top 15 seconds ahead out there. The complete field of 21 teams from 20 nations chased the runaway, she is just 500 meters from the finish. In the mass sprint, the Portuguese had Daniel on Friday and the Russian Matvey Zubov beaten type. Best German was Niklas Arndt (Germany I) as a fifth. The 108 kilometer stage was started in Blieskastel been partially suffered torrential rains and strong gusts of wind. The 126 were mostly drivers together, Außreißversuche have already been nipped in the bud. The mountain jersey of Kunststoffwerke Marquardt secured the Americans Lawson Craddock, while Marco Haller from Austria, the green sprint jersey from the travel service Feibel & Tuillier and Luxairtours streak was over. First winner of the blue team jersey of Stadtwerke Bliestal and Enovos was currently in the rankings Gesamtnationencup leading Russians. The red jersey Rilchinger the mineral source of the best in the more recent vintage bears on the second stage, the price of saarVV, which concluded on Friday, 18.30 clock in Völklingen gestartetet is, the Italians Luca Wackermann. (Wolfgang Degott)
Stage 2 is 78km from Volklingen to Grosrosseln. With 3 kom and 3 sprints

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