Saturday, November 22, 2008

And three weeks later...

Still not a lot to report. Only one thing has really changed. After being a much appreciated coach of six years which led me to all of my National Championhips titles (and now that I come to think of it, every other race that I won), we decided to place me under the direction of another coach. Not only has my dad been a great coach and mentor he's managed to complete the package being an excellent father. After much thought we decided to choose Dave Wenger at Source Endurance. Dave is one of the top Texas racers who recently got fifth at the State Championship RR in Chappell Hill, which helped him seal the deal for the P12 Texas Cup title. So far, I haven't done any CX races yet but I plan on racing on the weekend 12/6 for the only CX races in Houston, and I'll give it a shot at the State Championships in San Antonio on the weekend of 1/3. Wish me luck!

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