Sunday, November 2, 2008

What cyclists do when they are not riding...

Some good advice: Never give a cyclists more than two weeks off the bike. They might get a little antsy, and end up doing something that may be embarrassing (See photo for an example). This past week I don't really have much to report. After a week of school I had a few people over, Daniel, Shelby, and Andy, for Halloween. After some tortilla soup we decided to go trick or treating like little 8-year olds. We only went to about 10 houses before we came back and "chilled" at my place. I then volunteered at school for the family fun festival for elementary kids On another note, I have one more day off the bike until I start my off-season training. As far as cyclocross goes, I plan on doing a few races in Houston and attempt to defend my State Championship title. Wish me luck!

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