Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yes....5 Minutes....BMW...Vanilla Mostly

Titles are probably the hardest thing about writing a blog. I've spent the majority of the past 10 minutes staring at the blank field at the top of the page. Nothing seems to be popping out at me, so for at least now I'm going to just title my blog the first PG-Rated thing that comes to my mind. Bare with me on this whole blogging thing. Although I've had this site for about four years I feel like it's a whole new world for me.

Todays day in Belgium wasn't too special. After everyone clambered out of bed we had breakfast and set out on a ride. We split into two different groups just because a few of us had seperate workouts. I ventured off with Nate, Nate, Nate (yes, there are three guys on this trip with the name Nate), Eamon, and Marshell. After a solid 3 hours of wandering around Belgium's country roads and canal we made it back home. Suprisingly, it was a decent day of weather here. Maybe a little chilly but at least the sun was out. Everyone pretty must just chilled for the rest of the day in front of the TV watching the crash-fest of what today's Paris-Nice was while our team director and mechanics set out for a long drive to Italy with all of our bikes and clothes. Tomorrow we will fly out of Eindhoven to Pisa before ending up in Lucca. We are all really looking foward to getting out to the Tuscany region where the training is absolutely amazing.

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Graeme said...

Hey Lawson,

The Lucca area is awesome! I've trained there twice and it is just incredible.

And yes, there are people still VERY interested in reading your blog, so please keep it up!