Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do smell that up dog?

Nothing much. Besides having some sort of a photo shoot with VeloNews and USA Cycling on yesterday, and having my very first massage today, not much has been going around in Izegem. Yesterday, a couple of guys from VeloNews and USA Cycling stopped by the house to take headshots of all the American U23, Junior, and Women cyclists staying here in Izegem. After all the pictures had been taken. Everyone set out on a ride so that the same people could video tape us. This took a little over an hour until Ben sent the Juniors back to the house while everyone else stayed to finish up the video. When we got back we all pretty much chilled until it was about time for some lunch. Today, we decided to eat downtown at this small sandwhich shop on Izegem's main street. I had a classic Chicken Barbaque that was suprisingly delicious. Not much happened after we finished eating lunch and made our way back to the house. We just hung around the house watching music videos on the TV, played some poker, and I kept eating away at the huge stack of homework that needs to be completed upon arrival.

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