Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ster van Zuid-Limburg

I'm going to try and keep this post short as I'm getting ready to pack up for the race. The team worked REALLY hard to keep the yellow jersey, which we were able to do. I crashed on the day and hit my knee pretty hard. I'm currently icing it up, and it is starting to feel a little better. I'm planning on starting today and hopefully I'll be able to fight through the pain. The stage was 112 kilometers. The course went out 84 kilometers before we started five laps around some town. When we got onto the local laps, Jacob and Nate got into a group of about ten that opened up a gap of 30-40 seconds. I was sure the break was going to stick, but it was reeled in with about two to go. With about four kilometers to go, the guy in second place on GC put in an attack. Jacob, Nate, and I worked extremely hard to pull him in, and after about a kilometer and a half we finally succeded. I then drifted back into the pack and finished there in the sprint finish. Some French guy won the stage, and we kept the yellow jersey. I moved up into 10th overall, and 4th in the young rider classifacation.

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