Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Chilling

Hey guys! I'm just chilling here at the house after an extremely intense game of poker won by none other than Downtown Nate Brown. Not really much happened today. We woke up at the usual time of about 8:00 for some breakfast. We all decided that we should depart ride at around 11:00. After meeting outside with Ben Sharp, our team director, we all had to go back in for our money and food if we forgot them. The ride wasn't all that hard. Most of us were still getting used to the huge time zone jump so we decided not to go out and ride 3 hours all out. During the ride we just rode two abreast and traded 2-5 minutes until we arrived in Roselare, about 17 kilometers (around 10 miles for you americans) out of Izegem. We then stopped at a local cafe to get some coffee or hot chocolate. After burning some time out there we made the trek back to the U23 house. The rest of the day we rode to downtown on the beater bikes before heading back to the house to hang out and do some homework (blah!). At the usual six 0'clock, we ate an incredible dinner made by Els that consisted of pasta, chicken, and salad. After dinner we sat around for the U23 team meeting for their stage race that was happening the following day. When that concluded Ben, Alex, Nate, and I started an intense game of Texas Hold 'Em that saw Alex go down in the early hands. Ben, Nate, and I kept up in intense game until I finally took out Ben with a legendary full house. With only Nate and I still in it was a game full of ridiculing and taunting eachother. The game ended when Nate took me out with a full house over my straight, and took the pot of six euros with two going to me. That puts it to now, and I'm fixing on going to bed for my first race 17-18 European race tomorrow. Good night!

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