Friday, April 17, 2009

Lesson Learned

After one extremely stressful drive home from the airport I learned an extremely important lesson: never leave your bag on top of your bike box in an airport. As I was walking out of the George Bush Intercontinental Airport to meet my parents, my gear bag was snatched off the top of my bike box. In that bag was my passport, all of my Euros, helmet, pedals, and three pairs of glasses. We then filed a police report for the stolen bag and let the "po-po" handle the situation. Upon returning home and eating dinner, we received a call saying that the bag had been found in the restroom. My mom then proceeded to pick the bag up to find that all the money and the sunglasses had been stolen out of the bag. Fortunately, the most important thing in the bag was still there, my passport. If that had been stolen as well, it would of caused mass chaos as I am traveling back over to Europe with Hot Tubes in about two weeks. I learned a huge lesson to always keep an eye on my luggage and to always carry my passport with me, like in a pouch around your neck.

Everyone at the house
Photo Shoot


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