Friday, April 10, 2009

Ster van Zuid-Limburg Prologue

As I'm not sure about all the final results after today's 5.3 kilometer time trial, I am sure that fellow teammate, Adam Leibovitz, dominated the day and took the win with a time of 6:21. Despite being such a short time trial, the course was extremely tough and demanding. It started out with about a 400 meter climb out of town before leveling out in the middle of these wide open fields. The course traveled on that road for about another kilometer until you take a left hand turn. After the turn there is a small hill that you climb before it levels back out. After riding on this part for about a kilometer and a half we took a steep and turny downhill back into town. At the base of that hill we took a sharp left with about a kilometer and a half to go. After that we had a pretty big head-wind all the home. The first US rider off was Jacob at around 5:00 PM. Jacob put in a fast time of 6:28 that most likely put him in the top 10. Next off was Connor at around 5:30 with another fast time of 6:48. Leibo then set off to put in the fastest time of the day with myself starting about thirty minutes after him at around 6:30. I made sure not to kill myself on the very first climb so that I would still be able to push the pace for the next 4.5 kilometers. I was feeling pretty good, but could never really find my rhythm and ended up with a time of 6:34 which I'm hoping is good enough for a top 15 finish. Nate set out after me and put in time similar to mine (not sure of the exact time). Alex went off last at around 7:30 and put in a time around 6:40-6:45. As I just finished this I found a website with the results up: its Go to Uitslagen on the side and when that pops out click on Weg - Piste - Velde. Tomorrow is around a 120 km road race where most of the team will be up at the front slaving away for Adam so that he can maintain his lead. I'll update more on that tomorrow.

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